The Vision

In 2020, Shmuel Polin began “The Opening the Ark Project” of Cincinnati. The project is currently rebuilding one of the great wooden arks of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth that was destroyed in the Holocaust (in 1942). Throughout the summer of 2020, woodworkers and other artists will be convening at his woodshop and studio to work on the project. The project pulls talented artists from within the Jewish-Jewish adjacent community. Artists include woodworkers, painters, architects, etc. The finished product will be a 17-foot-tall Aron HaKodesh, which will be on exhibition at the Skirball Museum of Cincinnati.


The project pulls from all different directions of talent. From conservationists to black-and-white photo colorists, the project is ensuring Jewish engagement for underserved segments of the Jewish community.

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The Sidra Ark

The Aron HaKodesh being built as part of the Opening the Ark Project. A link to the associated GoFundMe Charity (tax deductable) page is here

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